Promo Code

In response to my article How to Map as drive in Windows 7 the nice people at filesanywhere have provided a promo code for my readers. Please use this code: AB05 Filesanywhere is the leader in cloud storage: Sync Folders, Schedule Offsite Backups WebFolder Drive Mapping, Direct File Editing Share Files using Dropbox Links View […]

Run Ubuntu in Windows 7, XP, Vista with VMware Player

Do you run Microsoft Windows XP, Windows 7, or Windows Vista and need to run Ubuntu Linux software without setting up dual boot? With just a few easy steps, VMware player is a great solution! How the Process Works Download VMware Player From this link: You will need to complete a short registration form […]

The Requested Operation Requires Elevation in Vista

If you are using Windows Vista and are performing operations that require Administrator Privledges in the “cmd” command line area, you may receive an error “The Requested Operation Requires Elevation.” The way to properly run privileged commands in the command line area is to start the command line interface in administrator mode. This can be done by clicking […]