Crack Microsoft Excel Password Free | Excel 2007, 2010, 2013


It is always annoying when forgetting passwords. It is also annoying when you inherit a document from a previous employee and it is protected by a password only they knew. But your boss asked for you to get the data from that spreadsheet and change some things and Right now! What are you going to […]

Paste to Terminal in Linux | Paste to cmd.exe Windows

This is not a very long article, but hopefully it rises to the top quick and is helpful. How to Paste to Terminal in Linux Answer: SHIFT+Insert How to Paste to cmd | command in Windows Answer: ALT+SPACE,e,p The windows command really just keystrokes the menu. There is a hotkey fix method that you could […]

Installing LAMP Stack on Windows XP, Vista and 7

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If you write PHP and are anything like me, you want to test your code before making it live to the world on your own LAMP stack on windows. I have installed linux on separate computers, installed LAMP stacks on windows, created development environments on my live web servers and yet none of these are […] Promo Code

In response to my article How to Map as drive in Windows 7 the nice people at filesanywhere have provided a promo code for my readers. Please use this code: AB05 Filesanywhere is the leader in cloud storage: Sync Folders, Schedule Offsite Backups WebFolder Drive Mapping, Direct File Editing Share Files using Dropbox Links View […]

How to Map as drive in Windows 7


Question: How do I Map a account to a drive letter in Windows 7? By mapping a network drive to in Windows 7, you will have easier access to your cloud storage. Advanced user access is required on your account as you will have to enable webdav access for this work. NOTE: Only […]

Thunderbird Settings SMTP for Mail

So, after messing around with these settings for about an hour, I got Thunderbird to finally send mail. I have had this problem before and I have decided to blog about this so everyone can take a shortcut. The correct settings for the SMTP mail server as of 01/19/2010 are: Thunderbird e-mail settings […]

Sharing a Printer Over a Network

So, how do you share a printer that is on another computer located on a home wired or wireless network? I actually received this question from an old friend on Facebook. MY DISCLAIMER: This article is intended to be a guide on how to properly set up a networked printer. Before you proceed, please understand that I […]